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Here's a few of my 3D printed Solutions. Working on the film set I often found myself frustrated and struggling in mounting Video RX to monitors, Video TX to cameras, batteries to all sort of equipment...

There has to be a better way!!

In comes 3D printing ;-)

These Designs have grown over time. New designs and products come up regularly so do check these pages every now and then. Solutions for problems I encounter myself or things I feel could use some improving but just as often these designs are the result of custom solutions ordered by clients, colleagues, fellow filmmakers. The collection keeps expanding and is moving in all different directions :-)

Just browse the catalog to see if there's something for you. Find a specific product you were looking for or get some inspiration on new ideas and concepts. See if some of these solutions can help improve your workflow and efficiency while shooting

Don't hold back to shoot me a question or suggestion for new designs. Even if it's a vague idea still

Obviously 3D printing has it's limits and can't solve all our troubles but you'd be amazed at the strength, how light it is, how very resilient it can be and take a blow from time to time

Then again, Use it wisely.. Be nice to it and it will be nice to you too

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