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Some of our Projects..

A few things we worked on. Projects for Clients, Mad ideas we had, Solutions for first world problems

Suction cup Scaff clamp adapter

An adapter to mount scaff clamps to a big suction cup used for car rigs. Printed in PA-CF (nylon) for optimal strength and durability

Arri LS-11 Pins

ES Broadcast reached out because clients kept loosing these studs and ARRI stopped providing spare parts. These are printed in PC-CF and actually feature a wider collar so the stud doesn't fall out as soon as you loosen it. Available @ESbroadcast

LMB style Backplates

ARRI LMB style backplates are expensive.. And you need one for each diameter lens. Some diameters are not available. We made a lot of these. Also for more exotic vintage lenses

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