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A short explanation about 3D printing materials

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

So the technology and the possibilities in 3D printing have evolved at an amazing pace :-)

But what materials are available and what do we use for our products and projects?

from basic to a little bit more advanced:

  • PLA is the most basic and affordable material out there. Most people use it to make little puppets and trinkets. It is super easy to print but it will start deforming at around 60°C and is not that strong.. We use it for prototyping. Then again it is Poly Lactic Acid so it can be recycled

  • PLA+ is an evolution of regular PLA and is a bit stronger. We use It for some multicolour parts that don't see much heat exposure or abuse

  • PETG is quite a bit stronger, a little more flexible and will withstand temperatures up to 70°C. Bit more challenging to print but not that hard. We'll use it for our little DtapVolt meters for example

  • PC or PolyCarbonate is the material we use a lot. It will only start deforming at around 110°C, has a medium elasticity and is very tough. Bit of a challenge to print though. Perfect for our LcubeL brackets.. Obviously it comes at a much higher price

  • ASA is the new ABS. deforms at around 95°C and is a very tough material. Also it will withstand weather and UV much better. Quite hard to print since it needs a high ambient temperature while printing and parts tend to warp off the bed. We use it for our 90° brackets for UMD and CT

  • TPU then. A very interesting highly flexible material. Rubber like. It's incredibly strong because of it's elasticity. It will bend and stretch but hardly ever break. Highly resistant to temperature. Check out our NODO brackets that will clip on to your Ronin or Movi

  • Nylon or PA.. That's a tough one. Tough as in very hard to break but also Tough to print. Quite a challenge. Expensive too

  • Carbon infused materials like PC-CF, XT-CF20 and PA-CF we use for a lot of our products that see intensive (ab)use and need to carry a load reliably. Think of our UNIv2 parts, MSB brackets and Battery solutions. not cheap but very durable!

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Bjorn Charpentier
Bjorn Charpentier
Jun 05, 2023

I own several products that Bart has printed , all of them I use on every job I do , when it comes to building my

camera kit , I’m very particular , it needs to be ergonomical , strong and fast. All of Bart’s products meets those specifications , stuff that doesn’t exists I have people built for me. Bart has the same vision , let’s make our Job easier by having products that will accommodate our needs. See you soon for new geeky camera gear

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