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Arri 15 and 19mm safety Caps

Arri 15 and 19mm safety Caps


Some spare Caps for Alexa EVF support

  • Product Info

    So you rented out your camera and it came back without the little safety cap? Again...

    ACs will take these off to do things to the build. Put them -somewhere- and loose them.

    These are some 3D printed, cheaper, supernice perfect fitting replacement safety caps. Rental houses might want to consider removing the originals, putting them in a box on the shelves and just rent out the camera with these 3D printed ones. You won't cry when they get lost.. Again.

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Not expensive
    • Just like the original
    • Expendable
    • Very lightweight
  • Product features

    • PETG material
    • weight 2gr
    • Fits like a glove
    • Comes in Packs
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