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cForce Cable Protectors

cForce Cable Protectors


A slide on Flex cover to protect your cables

  • Product Info

    This flexible cover slides over the bottom of your cForce or cForceRF motor to protect the cables from pinching.

    We've all seen older motors with the connector being loose..

    Since the cables are sticking out at an angle they're the first to take the beating. Cameras in tight spaces, operators pushing against the wall, Grips being not that carefull...

    This was designed at the request of an AC who had his cable pinch and snap off on the board. Back to ARRI, a few hundred €€ in repairs :-(

    Fits supersnug around the connectors and offers some needed support 

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Clean solution
    • It's flexible
    • supereasy application, just slide it on
    • makes your motor last longer
    • can save you €€ and headaches
  • Product features

    • TPU flexible material
    • weight only 15gr
    • cForce mini or cForceRF version
    • fits perfectly
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