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CineTape 90° bracket

CineTape 90° bracket


Easy solution to mount your CineTape @90°

  • Product Info

    This bracket allows to mount your Cinetape @90°. It openes up a lot more options while saving space. Get it lower and closer to the lens. Securely attach your Cinetape by removing the 'aiming' assembly with the 2 little screws on the bottom. The 90° bracket fits perfectly in the space of the original 

    Preferably one would use a (short) Noga style arm with 1/4 thread

    Makes for a lot more low profile and compact package

  • Why Do I need This?

    • More mounting options
    • Superlightweight
    • Get much closer to the lens
    • Quickly adjust/aim your Cinetape
  • Product features

    • ASA for strength and durability
    • weight 20gr
    • 1/4 thread
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