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SKU: B26

A Quick and more Elegant solution to mounting one filter superlightweight

  • Product Info

    When shooting superlightweight, with gimbals for example often you don't have the possibility for an LMB mattebox but you do want that one filter. To protect your lens, a polarizer, an ND or effect filter. In the past we would tape the filter to the lens.. With the risk of it falling off, messing up the filter and then what happens when you need another filter in there?? This uses a standard backplate and one filter frame. You can mount it with the release to the front to change even quicker. Just tilt down and release.

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Super Compact
    • No tape marks on the filter
    • It's quick. Very Quick
    • Safe and durable
    • Very lightweight
    • Uses standard backplates and filter frame
  • Product features

    • PC-CF Carbon material
    • weight 30gr
    • Standard Arri LMB components
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