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CnC Alu Custom Tool Bits

CnC Alu Custom Tool Bits


Custom Tool bits to tighten those Lemo and Fisher collet Nuts 

  • Product Info

    A set of Four Custom Tool Bits. Anodised CnC milled Aluminium.

    These will fit LBUS, CAM connectors on your cForce Motors but also the RS-3 and Lemo2 ones on your Alexa35. The other 2 are for your PWR and BNC connectors on Arri Cameras (mini and 35)

    And Yes.. If you prefer you can also just get one or 2 of them

  • Why Do I need This?

    • No more damage to your collet nuts using the wrong tools
    • Universal 'Bit' we all have lying around somewhere
    • Tighten these nuts from time to time before they're too loose and cause real damage to your precious equipment
    • 4 different colors in a set
  • Product features

    • Anodised 6082 Aluminium
    • Universal 'Bit'
    • Different colors for quick reference
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