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A tray for your 138mm Diopters

  • Product Info

    Shooting with diopters is always a bit of a guessing game ;-) So you might need to switch a few times between the 0.5 the 1 or the 2. These Dioptertrays keep your glass safe and speed up the process of changing. They fit 2 stages in an LMB style mattebox. Works up to +2. The idea is to get 3 of them and keep the diopters in there at all time. No more risk of them slipping from your hands while changing out under stress.. 

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Lightweight
    • Quick changing
    • Keep the glass Safe
    • Features a handy cutout to not stain the glass with your fingers
    • Cheap
  • Product features

    • PLA matte
    • weight 70gr
    • fits 2 stage LMB
    • up to +2 Diopters
    • 138mm
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