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LcubeL Bracket

LcubeL Bracket


A small 90° bracket for your Lcube

  • Product Info

    A bracket for mounting the ARRI Lcube CUB-1 to the MSB on an Alexa Mini or MiniLF camera. This solution places your Lcube right next to the lens mount, a place that is not used in general. Also it provides better protection for your cables and makes for a supercompact and neat setup

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Clean solution
    • Much better place to mount the Lcube
    • Frees up room on the side of the camera for other acc.
    • No more cables sticking out, ready to get knocked or snagged
  • Product features

    • PC-Blend
    • weight only 15gr
    • mini or miniLF version
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