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PL PortCaps

PL PortCaps


PL portcaps but better.. Better grip for wet/cold fingers or when working with gloves

  • Product Info

    A simple PL PortCap but this one you can actually grab with cold or slippery fingers and when wearing gloves. No more fighting with the guys from Bcam at the end of the day who took your Cap. Red for A-Cam, Blue for B-cam. Stand out with your own 'National' PL Cap and yes.. We can also customize them..

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Easier to handle with gloves
    • Better grip with cold or slippery fingers
    • No more fighting.. 
    • They're cheap. Get a few extra for your 2ndAC, one on the magliner
    • No tears should you loose one, no annoying calls from the rental
    • It comes in Funky colors
    • Get your own National one
  • Product features

    • PLA+
    • weight 15gr
    • better handling
    • Color Coding
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