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Mount your RX with it's Vlock battery on A stand

  • Product Info

    Often you'll want to hide video village in a central spot. But reception can be an issue. Then you'd put your RX closer and high up for line of sight and connect it with a long BNC cable. But often this becomes a mess.. This solution makes for a compact and clean package that you can securely mount on any baby pin. A C-stand for example.

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Compact package
    • Less cables
    • Keep your RX safe
    • Cables don't get destroyed
    • Secure mounting to Baby Pin/C-stand 
    • Captive 1/4 screw
  • Product features

    • XT-CF20 Carbon material
    • weight 115gr
    • Baby Pin
    • V-lock
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