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SmallHD PSU cradle

SmallHD PSU cradle


A cleaner solution for the PSU

  • Product Info

    You got a SmallHD cine monitor.. Nice.

    Only problem is the seperate PSU that's always laying around somewhere. Extra cable mess and trip hazard.

    So this is a cradle for it that locks into place with a 'fake' V-lock.

    I also cut my power cable shorter so that doesn't get tangled either..


  • Why Do I need This?

    • Neat and Tidy
    • Affordable
    • Clean
    • Clicks right into the V-lock
    • Safe mounting
    • No trip hazard because of extra cables
    • Very lightweight
    • no Tools
  • Product features

    • XT-CF-20 Carbon material
    • weight 80gr
    • simple but sturdy V-lock
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