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SmallHD RX Slide

SmallHD RX Slide


A slide-on bracket to mount various RX to Arca Rail SmallHD cine series

  • Product Info

    This bracket will slide on the Arca Rail on the back of your SmallHD Cine monitor. It locks into place with the rotary knob in the middle. The idea is you can just slide it on and off for unit moves.

    No more messy magic arms and various clamps all over the monitor. RXs are neatly positioned in the back with the antennas sticking out just a bit over the top.

    The RX sit in 'cradles' which are interchangable. For now we have Teradek (old and new), Vaxis1000xr, more to come or just ask us and we'll make one for your RX 

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Neat and Tidy
    • No cable mess
    • No more noga arms falling over
    • Safe and durable
    • Very lightweight
    • Modular
    • no Tools
  • Product features

    • PC-CF Carbon material
    • weight 120gr
    • specify which cradles you'd need
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