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UniV2 Vlock plate

UniV2 Vlock plate


3D printed Vlock plate

  • Product Info

    A lightweight 3D printed Vlock plate for the UNIv2 system. Choose your outputs: Lemo2-Dtap or 2xLemo2. Printed in PC-CF for max Strength and durability. Use it with the range of available spacers on your TVlogic F7H. Or on your SmallHD cine7, 702 Touch or any monitor you'd like with one of the adapter plates. It makes for a supertidy hassle free package

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Very Lightweight
    • Options for outputs
    • Combine with whatever spacer you need
    • Supertidy setup
    • No cable hassle
    • No noga arms failing
  • Product features

    • PC-CF
    • weight only 80gr
    • very adaptable
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