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Vaxis Storm 3000 spacer

Vaxis Storm 3000 spacer


UNIv2 Spacer for Vaxis Storm 3000 RX

  • Product Info

    A spacer for the Vaxis Strom 3000 RX. It snaps into place using the Vlock on the RX. Makes for a sturdy connection while providing easy access to the buttons and display to change channels when switching cameras or for better reception. The long M3 screws ensure max strength while keeping the package very light

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Very Lightweight
    • Easy access to the display and buttons
    • Quick to change for different spacer for different jobs
    • Fully compatible with the UNIv2s other components
    • No cable hassle
    • No noga arms failing
    • No screws to attach the RX, just snap it into the Vlock
  • Product features

    • PC-CF
    • weight only 40gr
    • very adaptable
    • Full compatiblity with UNIv2 system
    • Long M3 screws for max Strentgh
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