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This plate fits on the back of any monitor with a Vesa100. It features a 4 way Dtap splitter and a little Volt meter indicating Battery level. There's a XLR cable to power the monitor directly

  • Product Info

    Often we need some accesoiries to be powered together with your monitor. A video RX, another RX? A small video assist recorder?

    All these need power and it can get very messy very quickly..

    So here all in one neat little package.

    There's also a version which sanwiches and leaves the vesa available for a mounting bracket

  • Why Do I need This?

    • Neat and Tidy
    • No cable mess
    • Keep an eye on that voltage!
    • Safe and durable
    • Very lightweight
  • Product features

    • XT-CF20 Carbon material
    • weight 80gr
    • please specify XLR4 (90°?) length
    • XLR cable has strain relief
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